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Introducing Sorin Cepoi and Teodora Ungureanu Cepoi. Sorin and Teodora have been married for 29 years and coaching together for 24 years. They are both Romanian gymnasts with an excellent worldwide reputation and considered the foremost Westchester Gymnastics Coaches today with Olympic training, competitive experience and character to consistently develop talented athletes. 


Dynamic Gymnastics is one of the few gymnastics academies in Westchester that has the expertise and experience to provide a complete Elite program. Come and meet them in person and talk with them about joining Dynamic Gymnastics, make an appointment today, click on Contact Us.


Sorin and Teodora hold diplomas from the Bucharest Institute in Physical Education and Sports with a major in gymnastics. Also, both were awarded a Master of Sports Certificate from the National Council of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest. Both are certified coaches of gymnastics and Professional Members of the USA Gymnastics Organization.


In 1984 the both were working together as part of the Troupe Cornea traveling circus. Teodora and Sorin travelled extensively with this circus, including internationally. After 4 years with the circus, Sorin and Teodora spent 10 years coaching in 3 other gymnastics academies before realizing their their Vision of Dynamic Gymnastics - a Kids club.


Teodora also has an International Gymnastics Official's Rating and has judged competitions. In 2001,Teodora was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. "I never dreamed that America would become my home or that I would be also deeply honored by fellow competitors in the sport that I love.", Teodora told IG magazine

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