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Most recently Mihai was 2012 London Olympic Coach; part of  2012 Olympic Team Gold; 2013, 2011 USA Coach of the Year;  2011 World Champions Coach in Tokyo; 2008 Beijing Olympic Coach, part of 2008 Olympic Team Silver.


Mihai & Silvia are co-owners of Brestyan's and are currently two of the most successful coaches in the U.S.! Born and educated in Romania, Mihai & Silvia have over 20 years experience coaching gymnasts at the highest level. Both are graduates of Romanian University in Physical Education Sciences with graduate studies in coaching techniques. They are former Romanian and Israeli National team coaches and have developed European & American World champions. Silvia has been an International Brevet Judge for over 16 years. Since opening Brestyan's in 2000, they have received many awards and acknowledgments.

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